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Search Engine Optimization In Plain English

OK, no big words this time. SEO can be boiled down to one word: relevancy. Google has come to dominate the search industry by being the best at giving searchers what they want: websites that are relevant to what they are looking for.

Let’s break this down a bit further. Two more phrases to know: on-site optimization and off-site optimization.

On-site optimization mainly involves two things: site structure and content. If you don’t have content you don’t have anything for Google to find. Having good site structure is like building a house to code but in this case the code is Google’s ever changing math formula they use to determine if your site is relevant. Proper structure not only makes it easy for their spiders to crawl your site but informs their spiders what your website is all about. These spiders are not human, they’re just computers, and need us to tell them what a website is about by putting keywords in page and paragraph headings, among other things.

Off-site optimization shows Google that your website is relevant by being important to other people. Other people give your website importance by linking to it from their websites and giving it votes of confidence through social channels such as liking it on Facebook or re-tweeting information from your blog that you have posted on Twitter.

So there you have it: relevancy, onsite optimization, and offsite optimization. That pretty well sums up SEO. You might also want to try out our Google Translation Services if you run across industry jargon that you don’t understand. Just email us what you have heard and we will translate it into plain English for you.

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