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Website Comparison: Kirbyworks vs. The Big Boys

A side-by-side comparison of Kirbyworks websites and those by large companies like Deluxe (the check printing people), Yellowbook, DexKnows, and Web Design Giant. I think we’ve got the big boys beat by a quite a bit. Our ten year cost is $2400 compared to DexKnow’s $26,500. I don’t know what Dex knows but I don’t think it’s worth that much.
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Kirbyworks vs. Web Design Giant Websites

Web Design Giant has some pretty big names as clients including Starbucks and Budweiser and some pretty expensive names: Audi, Gucci, Chanel, Rolex, Burberry. I guess that’s why they would want to charge me $5000 to $6000 for a WordPress website for my painting business. Problem is, I’m not a brand associated with high ticket items and don’t need to and don’t want to spend that kind of money on a website. Web Design Giant Website – $5000 to $6000, Kirbyworks Website – $2400. Web Design Giant Website – No Search Engine Optimization Included You would th
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Kirbyworks vs. Yellowbook Websites

Yellowbook offers an economical though very basic website geared for the small business. Here is another David vs. Goliath comparison: Yellowbook Websites Does Not Offer a Content Management System What you will get is a static website that does not allow you to upload pictures, post news updates and specials, or fill the internet with lots of good content about your business that Google can find and get your website in front of more people. If you want to make any changes you will have to call someone and wait for them to get to it. That is so 1990’s. With a Content Management System yo
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Kirbyworks vs. Deluxe Websites

It’s great having a painting business because I can pose as a painter needing a website and/or SEO. I talked to a gentleman from Deluxe, the people who probably make most of your checks. I would like to take this opportunity to compare what Deluxe has to offer to what Kirbyworks has to offer. Deluxe Is 10 Times More Expensive! They offered me a website with a blog for $3300 for the first year and $2160 per year after that. After 10 years that adds up to $22,740. Yikes! I can build you a website for $2400, about 10% of what Deluxe charges. Deluxe Does Not Guarantee Google Page 1 Kirbywork
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5 Reasons Your Small Company Needs a Blog

See the article by the Chamber of Commerce HERE.
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The Five Essentials of Every Business Website

“Too good to be true” pricing is all too common in the world of website design. It’s tempting business owners every day. If a company you’re considering, or your kid’s college buddy, has a much lower quote than everyone else, BE CAREFUL — they may not offer all the services you need. There are 5 essential elements to website design. I call them essentials because if you are missing just one of them, your website could collapse and be a waste of your money, no matter what kind of a deal you got on it. Make sure your website designer is fully capable of handling each of these essentials be
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Why Website Owners Love WordPress

If you have a website that is over three years old you are probably dependent on your webmaster to make updates to your website for you. If your web designer programmed your site so you could make changes yourself, you probably paid an arm and a leg for that custom coding. And even if you can make changes you are stuck with that same vendor because it’s going to cost too much for another developer to figure out his HTML/PHP code and modify it. Also, if you want to add great features your designer will probably have to build and integrate them from scratch. Again, a rather costly scenario. Word
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Hi! I’m Kirby Hopper, and I’m addicted to design.

If you throw down a design challenge in front of me at a party I won’t be able to resist.  I’ll start designing your house or your website and probably even take it home with me.  My children will be neglected, the dog won’t get fed, and I may be up all night with my addiction.  But by morning I will have gotten inspired and have a great design for you.
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100 Websites With Outstanding Artistic Design

SEE THEM HERE! Click on the title at the top of this post or the “Read More” at the bottom.  Once you are on a single post page you can click on the link above.  Sorry, it’s a WordPress thing.
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Bringing Quality Website Design to the Masses

I’ve gotten several quotes for creating a website for my painting business and though at first I thought $2500 was ridiculous now that I’ve learned how to do it myself I’m thinking that’s not a bad price, though still way over what most small businesses in a small market like the Tri-Cities can afford. I’ve even gotten quotes as high as $8000. Yikes! Even at $2500, that’s not including getting it found by people using Google to search for a business like mine, which arguably there is no good reason to spend much at all on a website if the Search Engine Optim
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  • Website Comparison: Kirbyworks vs. the Big Boys:

    Click on the image to see a larger, more readable version.
  • Premium Themes: Our Starting Point Puts Us Miles Ahead:

    Check these out.  These are only but a few of literally thousands of Premium WordPress Themes that can be customized by an expert Web Designer like me to suit your needs. Clicking on each one will take you to more information about that theme. Make sure to check out their live demos:
    Blog / Magazine / Portfolio:
    king size
    Health & Beauty:
    Real Estate:
    eCommerce – Magento:
    eCommerce – Shopify:
    eCommerce – OpenCart:
    Pretty nice, huh?  I can build and install one of these for $2400 and guarantee Google page 1 placement so it can be found by people searching for what you have to offer.  Call Kirby at 509-551-1060 for more information.