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Client:Kirbyworks Painting
Date:January 24, 2014

Kirbyworks Painting

This is my first attempt at building a website. My goal was to make it the best painter’s website on the internet. An ambitious goal for my first time at the rodeo I know but that’s how you learn to excel. As such it is taking longer than other websites and is still under construction.

My aim is to have a resource site that do-it-yourselfers can go to for tips and information. If I can engage them and keep them coming back then when they decide painting their own home is too much work I’ll be the first painter they think of. Once I have painted their house I aim to keep them engaged by giving them a way to post before and after pictures of their house or I can post them for them. I haven’t seen this on any other painter’s website so maybe this will start a trend.

This site was also built from the free Responsive WordPress theme. Getting all those colored blocks in the header to squish in as the browser gets narrower was a lot of work but sure was fun.