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How Telemarketing Companies Spin Penguin Update to Get Sales

Just got a call from CityGrid which is a company that feeds listing information to online directories. They informed me Google doesn’t count listings without content any more because of Google’s Penguin update. Furthermore the nice lady said I would only be able to get content on paid listings, not freebies. What baloney. Two big lies in one phone call.

Google counts backlinks to a website as a “vote of confidence” for that website and thus ranks it higher. More backlinks, especially from authoritative sites like Facebook, YouTube, Yellowbook, and Yelp, indicate to Google your website has more authority. One way to get those backlinks is to simply register your site with the literally thousands of internet directories that exist, the vast majority of whom do not charge you for that listing.

With Google’s recent Penguin update they did stress once again the importance of having quality content on your website for better search rankings, but the way CityGrid spun that was I couldn’t just have my name, address, and phone number on a directory listing, I had to have content about my business on that listing for Google to count it, and furthermore I wouldn’t be able to get that content on those listings without either using paid-for listings or paying a company like CityGrid to feed them content.

I informed the nice lady that first of all the Penguin update says nothing about content on directories, only the content on the website trying to get better rankings by having those listings. Furthermore, I informed her I have been putting content on dozens of directories for free. Good, high page rank directories at that, but not for the benefit of the Google spiders that crawl websites, but for the sake of humans that might actually find my listing on an internet directory.

Her response was to confirm that I don’t have a budget for link building because I do the work myself and she abruptly ended the call. I think she was a little disconcerted to find out her employer was telling her to feed lies to potential customers in order to get their business.

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